Friday, September 26, 2008

it's a rainy day

And it's supposed to rain all weekend :( I believe technically it's called a tropical depression, but all that really matters is that it's really icky outside. Yesterday was quite lovely outside, although we didn't spend much time out there. We went to the Wellfleet Audobon where we had a mini set of lectures from various people about fisheries, septic systems, estuaries and contamination...I actually really enjoyed it, I felt like I was at Calvin again :) And we were in a building very much like the Bunker! It had all of its "green" requirements, and even had the cool foaming toilets. At lunch I was sitting at a picnic table and one girl on my side of the bench happened to sneeze...and the whole bench broke. It was pretty hilarious once we all got over the initial "ah I'm on the ground!" shock.
In the afternoon we drove over to the Truro elementary school (they are currently experiencing an outbreak of whooping cough, but we were told not to worry, they all are on antibiotics...) where we set up for out first WET Fest. Each of us were assigned a booth that has a specific topic to cover involving partner and I were at the "Water Olympics" booth where we did different experiments with the kids to teach them about surface tension and cohesion. I think the favorite booth was Edible Aquifers...the kids got to make their own aquifer and well out of ice cream, pollute it with sprinkles and pop, and then eat it. It was actually a lot of fun. I think it will be nice to have those days mixed in between the manual labor days.
I have a new computer! It actually stays charged :) A carload of us drove over the bridge (off the cape!) to Plymouth to pick it up last night. So I'll finally be able to download some pictures! Excited?

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Luke said...

You probably don't see it this way, but you're so lucky! You get to experience the famous Nor'easter! Or at least so the Chicago weathermen. Foaming toilets...I've seen squatting toilets and toilets with less water, and toilets that only flush half-way, but a foaming toilet I have not seen. are good, and exciting.