Monday, September 22, 2008

grape stomping?

Saturday night Wellfleet potluck proved to be a cultural lesson on the locals. I sat next to a woman who has been living in Wellfleet all her life, and shared with me tidbits about her relatives and how they influenced the town back in their day. She also demonstrated how I go about eating a raw oyster...apparently to get the "true flavor" you need to give it a good chew after letting it slip into your mouth out of its shell. So I practiced (after all I am living in Cape Cod, I have to give this seafood thing a try) and did my best not to gag on the thing while she stared me down to watch my oyster-eating technique. But I did it! And I don't know if I'll ever do it again...
I went to a local methodist church with one of the girls in my house on Sunday. It made me miss Roosevelt Park :( But it should be good to try out a new church for the year, and I'm happy to have some company. The town right above Wellfleet, Truro, had their big event of the year...the Truro Wine Festival. It so happens that Truro has a little vineyard, and the community celebrates by coming out to do some good ole grape stomping, wine tasting, vineyard wandering, and hanging out on the lawn listening to a pretty sweet jazz band. The Bourne House came out as well and it was fun just relaxing and spending some time with people. We finished up the weekend by going out to a Thai restaurant, and like always I was ready for bed at a nice early hour.
This week we have some more Red Cross disaster training, a day of aqua-culture training, and Wednesday we finally get our individual placements! We also will have our first experience with WET fest, which has been described to us as "controlled chaos" with elementary kids running around from booth to booth learning all about water. Sorry for the length on that one...I'll try to be more interesting (and shorter) next time :)


Luke said...

Ah Roosevelt...I found an old bulletin in my car the other day. Good times. Grape stomping...there was no falling/media disasters were there, haha. What's better, sushi or oysters? Lots of kids running around...sounds like there might be less control than planned, but fun nonetheless. Length and was very interesting and entertaining, and I think the phrase the more the better applies. Have a good week!

Jessica said...

Yes, I agree with Luke. The more the better! feel free to ramble. Any news from you is welcome!

What good fun and good work you are having!