Wednesday, September 24, 2008

and then I saw a seal.

Actually...I saw a LOT of seals. A bunch of us drove up to Truro to Head of Meadow beach this afternoon where we met a whole fleet of seals just hanging out in the water. We were enjoying watching them, and I'm pretty sure they equally enjoyed watching us.
Today was incredibly laid much so that we didn't even leave the house. Glorious! We went over specific house rules (things like "make sure you close at least one layer of the toilet seat"), had a mini house meeting, and finally got our individual placements! It turns out I'll be working in the town of Chatham. Tuesdays I'll be working to develop their recycling program...good thing I have experience making all of those nicely labeled bins for Theta 34 :) And Wednesdays and Thursdays I'll be working with the Chatham Conservation Commission...doing a lot. At this point I think I'll be doing some field work assessing land management techniques, doing some community and school outreach/education, and meeting with various people trying to figure out more conservation measures and such. It seems a little much at this point, but hopefully once I get into the swing of it all things will make more sense.
Tonight is house dinner! Always exciting to have some food that I don't have to cook :)


Jessica said...

OOH! I'd like to hear more about the assignment particulars when you hear more.

Samantha, I miss you.

Rachel said...

sounds like things are coming together! I'm glad it's going well for ya! I miss you a ridiculous amonut. Loved the oyster story...and the grape stomping thing made me think of the grape lady.

OOW OW OOOOOOW Ow Ow Ow Ohhhhhh! Oh stop! Oh stop! Ahhhhhhhhh!