Saturday, September 20, 2008

If I were a fisherman...(fisherwoman?)

Ah, life on the cape can be beautiful...especially when September weekends allow for time exploring the great outdoors. I woke up today at the bright and early (and dark) time of 5:15. I had signed up for a weekend service project with one of our partners, something that we have to do about twice a month. This particular project not only got me up and out of bed, but left me stinking like a fish. mmm my favorite :) We helped Ethan, a PhD student, with his research on fin fish in off of the cape shore. So we inflated rubber boats, hauled nets, got excited when all the little fish were pulled on shore, and picked out all the fish and crabs so we could classify and measure them. I think my favorite so far is the pipe fish...he kind of looks like a sea horse, only very stretched out and twig-like. And crabs are crazy! We were finding HUGE ones and itty bitty ones. All of the gulls were living it up, gorging themselves with the fish and crabs that were not so quick to make it back into the deeper water. I've decided I'm going to be incredibly strong by the end of these 11 months...whether its pulling nets, lopping off tree branches or reaching for the heavier food items on my kitchen shelf, I have my workout schedule built right into my day :)
I also drove over to the ocean side today to enjoy the opposite side of beach. Tonight a bunch of us from the Wellfleet house are going to the famous Wellfleet potluck...apparently it's a great place to meet the "crusty locals" and get some pretty amazing (and free) food. So, should be good!

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OhioJAM said...

Ah, nothing like pumping up with pipe fish! That's a funny picture.