Wednesday, October 1, 2008

oak trees turn brown.

And oak trees are pretty much the only tree that grows here. Aside from buckthorn. But...there will still be a bit of color this fall, thanks to the poison ivy! Poison ivy is EVERYWHERE (sorry if I already wrote about this...), even in tree form. Apparently in winter we have to be extra careful, because it turns into stick form, but you can still get the oil all over you. Enough about that.
Everyone in my house is in some stage of being sick with a cold. I guess it's bound to happen when you're living with 13 other people and dishes don't get as clean as they should. In a way it's kind of nice, because I've been doing a lot of couch-lounging with all of the other folks who are feeling lazy/sick. And I watched a mini LOST marathon over the weekend with a few people :)
Yesterday I met my service partner, named Kristin, who will be my contact/supervisor for the Chatham Conservation Commission. She seems quite nice, and I think it will be good to get on some kind of established schedule. Although, I'm a little bummed (and a little intimidated) because a lot of the service I'll be doing involves planning, meeting with people, coordinating events, etc. And apparently I AM the Chatham Recycles's up to me to get the town excited about their paper and plastic. eek! But I know it will be fine, and hey, one more experience.
Today we had our official day of being sworn into the AmeriCorps Cape Cod program. We all met at Barnstable County and met officials, learned about the orginization and how things are set up, and toured around to get a better sense of what was available for us. Long day. I'm learning more what an amazing program this is. We keep hearing over and over again how much we're appreciated in the Cape by the community, our service partners, and the town governments. It's pretty encouraging.
Alrighty, tis all for now. I'll be in Boston for the weekend!


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congratulations on being THE recycling program! that means you get to do whatever it takes to get people excited, right? like go door-to-door dressed as a milk jug to remind people that they don't belong in landfills? you could create a life-sized landfill and walk around with a big group of smelly, trashy people trick-or-treating on Halloween :)