Tuesday, December 9, 2008

oh the weather outside is frightful (sometimes)

Monday was the first "real" day of winter for group service. Our house was with the Eastham Dept. of Public Works on a piece of property during the 20ish degree day. The eventual goal is to clear 50% of the underbrush as a firebreak throughout this 200ft strip of land that borders some homes. I was quite bundled, and even tried out my new Toastie Toes foot warmers--and they stayed nice and toasty! Really the only part of me that was cold was my chin. I think they should invent Toastie Toes for your face...only I suppose they would need a new name. So the people trained in chainsawing were chopping down trees, and those of us that weren't trained were lopping, hauling and piling brush/trees. Oh but I did get to use this brush-wacker gas-powered weed wacker thing, which was kinda exciting. Only it didn't work very well.
Today was back up to a summerish 50 degrees. Oh, the fickle weather of Cape Cod.
So I am now 23! Old, I know. My housemates made some brownies on my birthday, and we all enjoyed some delicious brownie sundays. Friday a bunch of us went to Harwich to a woman's home for a little dinner gathering. Afterwards we walked out to mainstreet to partake in the annual "Christmas Stroll" down Main Street. I had my hopes set a little too high for this magical stroll--mostly it tunred out to be an excuse for the shops to be open a few hours longer to catch consumers full of Christmas cheer unawares and lull them into their stores. On saturday I spent a few hours at the library with Jessica--we were both attempting to do some research on grad schools. Long day! That evening a few of us left to eat some Indian food, which was amazing. The waitress even brought out mango ice cream for all (and mine had a little candle in it!). Then we went contra dancing! I was doing a lot of laughing, a lot of bad dancing, and a lot of "wait, I thought I was the guy for this song" :) Twas fun.
The snow came on Sunday! We had stayed overnight at the Bourne house, so we went out for breakfast in the morning and then ventured over the Bridge to do some errands...in the snow storm! It was a winter wonderland. Later that day we went to the Barnstable Fire Dept. and helped out with their fundraiser by selling Christmas trees and wreathes. I even wore a wreath and danced around by the street. It was a pretty good day. Once we got back to Wellfleet, we realized it had rained all day instead of snowing and there was hardly a snow flake in sight.
Tonight I had my first yoga experience! So fun! I'm pretty sure I'm awful at it, but I enjoyed it none the less.
Well, that's all for now. Goodnight!
*Miss Ella--one of the best dogs I have known.

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